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Passive Income

One of the primary benefits of earning a yield on digital currencies is the potential to generate passive income. By providing liquidity to Virticash, a VirtiMinter can earn interest, rewards, or fees on their minted digital VirtiGold and VirtiSilver currency units. This allows individuals to put their idle Kruger Rands to work and earn additional income without active trading.

High Yield Potential

The yields offered in the VirtiMint system is significantly higher compared to traditional financial instruments. Virtiply provide attractive revenue share or rewards to attract liquidity providers. In some cases, annual percentage yields (APYs) can reach double-digit percentages, although it’s important to note that there is no risk on the yields since Virtiply buys the Kruger rands from the VirtiMinter before they start earning any yields.


Earning a yield on digital currencies allows a minter to diversify their investment portfolio beyond traditional assets like stocks, bonds, or real estate. VirtiGold and VirtiSilver tokens represent a distinct asset class with unique characteristics, offering the potential for uncorrelated returns.

Participation In Digital Currencies

Digital currencies has emerged as one of the most innovative and rapidly growing sectors within the financial ecosystem. By earning a yield on digital currencies, investors can actively participate in this decentralized financial infrastructure. They can contribute liquidity to VirtiCash, lend their assets for borrowing purposes, or participate in yield strategies, thereby supporting the efficiency and growth of the VirtiCash ecosystem.

Capital Appreciation

VirtiMint involves participating in staking or providing liquidity to VirtiCash that offer its native currency as rewards. By earning these currencies, participants can benefit from potential price appreciation if the currencies gains value over time. This dual opportunity for both yield and capital appreciation can enhance the overall return potential.

Safety And Control

VirtiGold and VirtiSilver offer greater safety and control over one’s investments compared to traditional financial systems. Participants can enter VirtiMint strategies at their discretion, switch between VirtiGold, VirtiSilver or asset tokens based on their risk tolerance and investment goals. This level of control allows investors to adapt to market conditions and optimize their yield-generating strategies.