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VirtiMarket is the virtual place where all the digitized assets and projects in Virtiply are presented and accessible to its account holders. The assets and projects are divided into fractions and priced in VirtiGold and or VirtiSilver units obtained in the VirtiCash system.

Access from anywhere

VirtiMarket is made available in web page format as well as within the Virtiply mobile application suite. The fractions can even be bought through legacy phone technology granted the buyer knows the asset or project reference number.

The 7 reasons why we offer VirtiMarket:

Increased Accessibility:

The Virtiply virtual marketplace (VirtiMarket) breaks down barriers to entry, allowing any subscriber to participate in dividend sharing of wealth building assets and projects. It enables individuals with limited capital, that would otherwise be out of their reach, to participate in the new digital economy. By offering fractional access, anyone in the ecosystem can share in valuable dividend generating items such as real estate, artwork, or rare collectibles.

Liquidity and Flexibility:

Fractional access to tangible assets in a virtual marketplace provides subscribers and partakers of the ecosystem with enhanced liquidity and flexibility. Unlike traditional markets where selling or transferring ownership of physical assets can be time-consuming and cumbersome, digital fractions can be easily bought, sold, or transferred on the platform. Subscribers can adjust their portfolios more efficiently and take advantage of emerging and promising opportunities.


Having access to a wide range of assets can be challenging for any individual due to high costs and limited resources. However, a virtual marketplace enables diversification by offering access to various asset classes and projects. Subscribers can spread their interests across different types of assets, industries, or geographies, thereby reducing risk and increasing the potential sharing of dividends.

Lower Transaction Costs:

Traditional asset transactions often involve substantial fees, commissions, and administrative costs. In a virtual marketplace, the use of digital technologies can streamline transactions, eliminate intermediaries, and significantly reduce transaction costs. This cost efficiency benefits both buyers and sellers, making it more attractive for participants to engage in fractional participation.

Transparency and Security:

Digital marketplaces that leverages cutting edge ledger technology can provide increased efficiency and security. Virtiply’s ecosystem ensures that all records and transaction history are securely and anonymously recorded, fostering trust among participants. This anonymity reduces the risk of exposure and provides a secure environment for subscribers to engage in fractional participation.

Fractional Dividend Sharing:

A virtual marketplace can offer mechanisms for distributing dividends generated by the underlying tangible assets to fraction owners. This sharing can be done through dividends, rental income, capital appreciation, or other revenue streams generated by the assets. It allows owners of fractions to benefit from the performance of the assets in which they own fractions of, enhancing their potential returns.

Global Market Access:

Virtual marketplaces are not bound by physical locations, enabling subscribers from around the world to participate in fractional economic activity. This global accessibility opens up opportunities for any individual to acquire pieces of assets located in different countries or regions without the need for geographical proximity or extensive legal procedures. It expands options and offers the ability to capitalize on international markets.

Overall, a virtual marketplace for digital fractions of tangible assets offers increased accessibility, liquidity, diversification, cost efficiency, transparency, and global market access. These benefits democratize asset participation, empower small investors, and provide a flexible and secure platform for engaging in fractional sharing in dividends derived from growing value of assets.