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Our VirtiCash Money App

Transact with FIAT currency, Virtigold, Virtisilver, Virtitime and more. Buy, sell, transfer, exchange and invest with the convenient user-friendly applications and text-based interfaces.

Virtual units of gold used as unit of trade

Virtual units of silver used as unit of trade

Virtual hour of labour used as unit of trade

Store your Virtigold, silver and time in seperate accounts

Transfer values like in a normal banking application

Exchange between any number of stored values

For Customers & Merchants

Smartphone apps for both the customer subscribing and performing transactions and merchant looking to be settled in alternative values. The merchant app also includes all of the same options as the customer app with added features for business related functions.

The modern user friendly app interfaces provide both the customer and the merchant with the abilities to participate in the new economy. Many of the transaction menu options are also available on the text-based interfaces that cater for very old or non-smart, non-data using devices.

Frictionless user experience

A mobile app for customers and merchants that turns performing a transaction with new alternative values or money into a joyful journey. Feature-rich and easy to navigate with many in-app conveniences and self help services.

Buy units in projects

Smart & non-smart apps

Web interfaces available

Multiple service options

Safe online storage

Historic data visible