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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Virtiply provide the Virtigold and Virtisilver units in digital format?

The physical gold and silver is stored at one of the secure vaults used by Virtiply. The value of 1 ounce of either gold or silver is then electronically broken down into 100 units and represented on the Virtiply platform for purchase and use.

How is the digital values stored?

The Virtiply platform is a digital transactional banking platform that provides digital accounts for both customer and merchant use. Every one of the trade units of value (VirtiCash (FIAT), VirtiGold, VirtiSilver or VirtiTime)  is stored in a separate registered account on the system and accessed by the customers of merchants alike.

After I bought VirtiGold & VirtiSilver, what can I do with it?

Once you bought either VirtiGold or VirtiSilver you can hold it in your account or use it for normal financial transactions like buying goods, payments, bills, transfers etc. You can also use it to buy goods and services or fractions of assets made available in the VirtiMarket like a faction of a building, a business or even a cow for instance. The VirtiMarket will keep on expanding.

What if I want to change my VirtiGold or VirtiSilver for FIAT money?

It is easy, you will just change it back in the Virtiply platform using your mobile app or web interface. This is typically often used by merchants who got paid in VirtiGold and VirtiSilver and need to convert it back to FIAT for business expenses and others.

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