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2 Co 9:10

Now may He who supplies seed to the sower, and bread for food, supply and multiply the seed you have sown and increase the fruits of your righteousness

Our common bond: We educate people about financial value and how to work with it.

Our goals: To help rebuild local and global communities with Godly principles

Our ability: To allow everyone with any phone to participate and become financially free

We are a Fintech company

Our financial technology ecosystem was developed over a period of 19 years and it forms the basis from which the Virtiply suite of products and features are provided.

We have a heart for communities

Our goals are to digitize as many tangible assets we possibly can on our platforms and provide any individual in any community on earth access to it through gold and silver units.

We create wealth opportunities

Gold and silver in itself retains value and the digital fractions of assets in our closed marketplace provide the opportunity to obtain wealth. Buying and selling in gold and silver.

We gained experience by serving others!

Our story is one of sacrifice and service. The founders of Virtiply built a successful fintech business over many years. We provide a technology ecosystem to the likes of banks, credit unions, retailers, savings clubs and more. We found our niche in digitizing tangible commodities into units of value utilized on our bank and other platforms as an alternative value or money system. Managing these alternative values as currency like you would in normal banking transactions. With all this experience and the technology in our hands we set out to create Virtiply to be the next big thing to serve people around the world.

Global Closed Loop

Customers and merchants are part of a network with a global reach. The Virtiply trade units (money) are only available to entities that join and subscribe to our common bond.

Multiple Stores Of Value

Different accounts for storing different units of value. The 3 main value units are gold, silver and time to start with. These values are maintained and secured on our in-house price index and exchange.

Multi-layer Services

Our applications and interfaces are packed with value added services, financial tools and boasts a myriad of trading opportunities from inside the apps.

Mobile First Approach

Full support for smartphones, but equally supportive of non-smart phones. Our backward compatibility ensures effective financial inclusion to those joined to the network.

Our Partners

To reach your destination you have to build lasting relationships with partners you can trust, partners that are competent, tried and tested.

Platform Parter

A phenominal Fintech ecosystem incorporating a number of enterprise-level banking, vending and other platforms. These technologies have been developed, tested and deployed over the last 19 years.

Intelligent Transactions

2D Transact provides us with a globally patented mobile payment, settlement and extended transaction service solution. Probably one of the world’s safest, most anonymous and convenient ways to pay and perform other types of transactions with the same system.

Regulatory Oversight

GIG Wealth enables us to operate a FIAT (ZAR) wallet in South African, our first country of deployment. They provide oversight and services for our regulatory requirements and accountability.

Our Founders

Ruan Malan

Theo Joubert

Board Advisors

Dr. Arno van Niekerk

Patric Kuwana

Jasper Cloete

Dr. Christo Nel

Discover A New Mindset On Transacting With Alternative Values as ``Money``.

Virtiply offers anyone from any social standing the opportunity to become a part of a whole new financial world of alternative money and investments. We redefine the concept of access for all and we meet anybody at the level of technology they are using for transactions today.

The Virtiply ecosystem currencies, VirtiGold & VirtiSilver, are not blockchain crypto currencies and do not require complex technology and hardware to access and use for transactions. Virtiply creates true financial inclusion for anyone with a smart of basic mobile phone.

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