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Important notice! We will be launching our services early 2024.

Virtiply is for everyone! Why transact with trade units (money) that loses value? Start buying & selling in digital units backed by gold, silver and an hour of labour today.




What we offer

We create an alternative economy by offering customers, agents and merchants alike the opportunity to store as value, perform trades and transactions with our new digital units (Virtigold and Virtisilver) backed 1:1 by physical silver and gold safeguarded in reputable vaults all over the country. We also plan to digitize community projects, businesses opportunities, tangibles and more into fractions that are made available in our digital marketplace and broader Fintech ecosystem priced in Virtigold and Virtisilver. Our secondary unit of trade, Virtitime, is linked to an hour of labour and thus need no safeguarding, but registered, managed and traded on the Virtiply platform.

How it is done

Transactions are at the heart of any economy. We focus on community, but first the needs of the individual, then local community and then the global community. Educating, creating opportunities and changing lives using God's money made available through our leading-edge technologies.

A Financial Transaction System With Digital Gold, Silver & Time

Buy & sell, make payments, send to friends, family members or business associates many times as you want, 24 hours a day.

A Digital Marketplace Listing Fractional Assets & Services

VirtiMarket is a new marketplace where fractions of digitized projects, businesses and tangible assets are traded.

User Friendly Mobile & Web Apps For Customers & Merchants

Our customers & merchants perform transactions through various mobile and web apps provided and supported by the system.

A Full Transactional Service For Customers, Merchants & Agents

Become a merchants and receive payment in VirtiGold & VirtiSilver or register as an agent to perform Virtiply-based services to existing and new customers.

A Virtualization Platform For Tangible Assets & Commodities

Virtual trade units and factional digitized assets provided through a series of Fintech platforms and applications.

Secure Vaulting Of Gold & Silver Backing The Units Of Trade (Money)

Secure vaulting of physical gold and silver on a 1:1 ratio to virtual trade units made available on the ecosystem.

Join the new economy in 3 quick steps:

#1. Download the app & register for a customer or merchant account

Register your account with Virticash. Merchant accounts & business web portal are also available.

#2. Fund your Virticash account, exchange to and from Virtigold, Virtisilver or Virtitime.

You have to load your Virticash account with FIAT first. Exchange to and from Virtigold,  Virtisilver and Virtitime units. Everything in the “Virtiply world” is priced in gold and silver-backed units and units of time.

#3. Buy, Pay, Sell, Send, Invest with units backed by gold, silver & time.

You are now ready to buy and sell, invest in fractions of assets and goods made available on the VirtiMarket.

1 Oz of gold and silver divided into
100 pieces to serve as units of trade (Money). 1 hour of labour = 1 Unit of Time.

We Use Trusted & Verified Vaulting Facilities

Virtiply stores all the physical gold and silver in trusted local and international vaults. The physical gold and silver backs the VirtiGold and VirtiSilver trade units on a 1:1 basis. The verification and audit of the vaults are performed by licensed and credible specialist audit firms.

Spend your VirtiGold, VirtiSilver & VirtiTime Instantly

Your VirtiGold and VirtiSilver units are digital representations of the physical gold and silver in the vaults. Virtiply provides you instant access to the value of the gold and silver through the VirtiGold and VirtiSilver. Spend or send them to any person with a Virtiply account.

Smart Payment Options in All Apps

Pay & Spend Safely

Use VirtiGold and VirtiSilver units to invest in fractions of assets available in the digital VirtiMarket.

Get in touch

We know it is important to understand the complete solution on offer. Get in touch with us if anything on our website is unclear or if you would like to set up a consultation with us.